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Anzeigel Who run the world: Curls! Mit den passenden Produkten trage ich meine Naturlocken mittlerweile gerne! @lorealparis #whoruntheworldcurls

♬ Originalton - Louisa Laureen


Louisalaureen x L'Oréal

Who run the world? Curls! Using the Elvital Dream Length Curls products L’Oréal changed the rules of the game and declared war on dry and brittle curls. The Elvital Dream Length Curls Leave-In and the Dream Length Curls 3-in-1 Moisturizing Mask ensure carefree beautiful hair and prevent split ends and frizz. Louisa’s hair is thrilled about the new formula with glycerin and castor oil. It has a beautiful shine with a special bounce and a dreamy vibrancy.



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