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A promising job

Social media is more exciting and future-oriented than classic media formats like i.e. television. Now is the time to create and form social media as a relatively new advertising channel within the marketing realm. We are taking this promising mix of entertainment and marketing to the next level.

We are family!

Julien Arnold

Managing Director

Lukas Kuntzsch-Kunow

Managing Director

„The well-being and development of our employees, talents and customers are our first priority.“


Marie Berninger

Partnership Management Lead

Svenja Merckel

Product Management Lead & Location Lead Cologne

Stephanie Connes

Talent Manager

„We appreciate and value each and every one of our talents.“

Lisa Schmidt

Talent Manager

Yves Brinkmann

Talent Manager

Jule Schmidt

Talent Manager

Melina Kochan

Junior Talent Manager

Jennifer Paredes

Junior Talent Manager

Alice Polge

Project Manager France

Anna Göttle

Junior Brand Partnership Manager

Lena Jones

HR Manager

Katharina Hörold

Head of Finance

Carla Bristot Bennazar

Finance Manager

Erik Rust

Junior Finance Manager