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Jenny & Marco Wick
c/o Labs Management GmbH

Kastanienallee 97
10435 Berlin

Ust-ID: DE351593455

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 030-61080093


Jenny and Marco have been fixtures in the Creator scene for years, entertaining an audience of millions with couple content, comedy and dancing.Their community was excited to see the dream duo become a little family and eagerly awaited updates from the couple. In 2021, the time had come: little Jonah arrived and continues to stir up the lives of the two. The trio consisting of Jenny, Marco and Jonah inspires their community not only on Instagram. On their TikTok channel, they show us their everyday life as young parents and how to combine parenthood and social media. The topics they cover range from comedy, Jonah’s progress and development, to family & relationships. The good humor and palpable love of the three is what sets their videos apart. The family also entertains their followers on YouTube with travel vlogs and the dream of emigrating to the USA.
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Bin auf Marco‘s Reaktion gespannt.

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Jonah hat die Challenge gewonnen. ?

♬ Originalton - jennyandmarco



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