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Marek Fritz
c/o Labs Management GmbH
Ust-ID: 60 794 382 547

Kastanienallee 97
10435 Berlin

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 030-61080093


Funny, funnier, Marek Fritz! How to re-enact everyday situations with humour? Marek has the secret recipe and his positive attitude is not his only trait that captivates his ever-growing community. His original ideas are even enjoyed by well-known music combos such as Culcha Candela, after he unceremoniously declares himself their manager in order to randomly nominate them for the Eurovision Song Contest. With creativity and joie de vivre, the cheerful character manages to wrap up topics like his own apartment, shoe addiction, babysitting, procrastination or popular TV formats like GNTM and Dschungelcamp in funny videos. Marek has no mercy on himself either, and even renders his old posts. It’s rare to find so much self-irony and composure.

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Alle Jahre wiederrr😭👍🏼 Mal schauen, ob es dieses Jahr wieder so ist hahaha #gntm#germanysnexttopmodel#deutsch

♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger


Einfach mal machen, verlieren können wir eh nichts😭😂 Habt ihr noch mehr Ideen?? #eurovision#esc#187#monsta#culchacandela#fürdich

♬ Witch Familiar (Classical) [Classic](143628) - dice


Ich dachte 2021 haben wir fliegende Autos, jetzt haben wir Shirin David Parodien von Twenty4Tim??😭 #twenty4tim#fürdich

♬ Gib Ihm Parodie by twenty4tim - Tim 🌮



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