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Lia Costa
c/o Labs Management GmbH

Kastanienallee 97
10435 Berlin

Email: lia@labs.management
Phone number: 030-62932088


The Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam,The Starry Night and The Last Supper. If you only think of works of art on canvases, you are mistaken. Lia Costa is an expert in creating exactly these works of art as a full face makeup look and has thereby built up a large fan base in a short time. Now Lia takes her community with her into her world of thoughts: she shows attitude to social issues such as LGBQT+, clarifies and always hits the right tone. Often also very straightforward and tailored to younger generations – for example, when she explains which emojis should not be used in WhatsApp conversations. Exactly because of this diversity and her likeable charisma, Lia is loved by her community.

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