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Rick Azagba, Lucy Lacht, Alexandros Paunovic, Theresa Ankirchner

c/o Labs Management GmbH

Kastanienallee 97
10435 Berlin

Phone: 030-61080093


In spring 2022, the four friends Alex, Theresa, Lucy and Rick joined forces and founded the Flyhaus-house in Berlin. On Instagram and TikTok, the four well-known creators give insight into their everyday life in Berlin. With sophisticated storytelling, they manage to take their communities on a real journey through their individual and joint flyhaus accounts. The fun always comes first – you can literally feel the good vibes and the friendship that exists between the four. Whether at home or on the road – good times follow them anywhere. The Flyhaus Family is especially known for the smooth transitions in their videos, which could make some people feel dizzy. While Alex and Rick focus on sports and impress their community with exciting parkour, water or fitness interludes, Theresa and Lucy concentrate on vlogs and beauty challenges. The perfect mix and variety is what makes this shared flat especially entertaining.
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