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Emir Bayrak
c/o Labs Management GmbH

Kastanienallee 97
10435 Berlin

Email: emir@labs.management
Phone: 030-62932088 


“Guys, we have a problem!” – with these words Emir, aka “Problemir”, as his community calls him, often starts his stories, TikToks and YouTube videos. For him it’s not just about the small and big hurdles of everyday life; it’s about a lot of fun, friendship and joie de vivre. Whether POVs, vlogs or storytimes: if you’re not familiar with Emir until now, you’re definitely missing out! With a lot of humor, Emir doesn’t take himself too seriously and entertains an audience of millions. Emir is a face of his generation: he is spontaneous, casual and creative, but also a real family person. That’s what makes him so endearing and thus one of the most popular content creators in Germany. Hardly anyone else has such a strong bond with their community. And they are already looking forward to what “Problemir” will experience or go through next.
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